5 Reasons to take a train in India


Time to relax: As the train creaks and belts through the suburbs and edges of India; you won’t be moving anywhere fast, this is the perfect chance to sit back, soak in the view and go with the flow.

Get inspired: Doorways stay open on the train and to people’s back yards. You can observe India from a local perspective, notice exactly what is happening in the houses beyond the train lines, watch the women toiling in the fields, and hanging out their flags of washing, whilst feeling the air whip through the open carriage doors and windows.  Keep a notebook and camera close.

Be refreshed like a local: The Tea Wallah comes round with his pot of tea and stack of cups and fills your head with tea leaves and sweetness. The chant becomes a mantra of train travel in India ‘chai, chai, chai.’ The words will ring in your head, and for the privilege: pay 5 rupees.

Swaps stories: There are many stories told about journey’s on Indian trains for a reason; learn India and it’s verses by engaging with other passengers.  Ride the train, and talk the talk.

Mission accomplished: Actually booking a ticket and choosing the appropriate class is a learning curve. If you manage to get past the huge queue in the station, confirm a train ticket that isn’t waitlisted, find your appropriate carriage and board the train you booked, this is a huge success. Sit back and enjoy the ride!


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